A slight change of plans

With the roads closed both in and out of Innamincka, the tough call was made to head south instead of west with a plan to head to Broken Hill and then in to Arkaroola from the south instead of the north.


We departed St George just after 8am and again it was drizzling.  We headed down through Dirrinbandi. This is a quaint little place with and awesome bakery run by a Russian lady. We stopped in and grabbed a little snack for the road.


imageFirst photo of all 5 vehicles together

Heading south means skipping Innamincka and Cameron Corner 🙁 While this is sad, it will mean we can visit a few other iconic outback towns, one such town being Lightening Ridge which we stopped at today for lunch.


Some of the brave souls on the trip decided to take a dip in the artisan baths, which were at a lovely 40 odd degrees. We opted not to have a dip, and had some lunch instead.


After lunch we continued south with a plan to head to Coonamble however on the way we changed things up a little and decided to head to a small town called Warren, which took us a little further west.


Giant emu made from VW parts

We had to check that the roads were open and after a few phone calls to the local councils we confirmed that the roads were open so we turned onto Warren Rd.

This would have to be one of the most wonderful drives we’ve ever been on. There was wild life along the sides of the roads, herds of cows being driven along the side of the road, beautiful endless plains of green, and sooo much water!


We had 10 or more crossing to do, with the deepest being about 30cm. We have video footage of this that we we’ll post in the future.

We arrived at Warren to a chilly 10 degrees.  We booked a cabin and picked up some groceries from the IGA for dinner.

Tomorrow we head west towards Broken Hill but we’re not sure yet where we’ll best staying, however we’ve got a few options and will work it out on the road.






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  1. Alain Steiger

    Looks like you’re travelling steady, we did travel on the same road south of Lightning Ridge this New Year, nowhere near as wet, though. We’re having fun following your progress on the map. Thank you Whereis!!!

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