Cape York 2013

We Made It!

Yes, we made it to the tip.  What a great journey and one that everyone should take.  You don’t need a hardcode 4WD, nor do you even need a tent, you just need some time to plan, a sense of adventure and a fondness for corrugations would help.  Yes, corrugations are the norm up this

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2 Weeks To Go!!

We have 2 weeks to go and we hope everyone is getting sorted.  Today’s efforts involved: Sort out electrical spares (fuses, wire, connectors etc) Sort out fishing gear (lures, hooks, sinkers, reels etc) Sort out recovery gear (shackles, straps etc) Sort out first aid kit Wash tent linen Trial setup of Awning Sides Trial pack

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25 Days To Go

Thanks everyone for a great day yesterday.  It was great to have everyone in the one place at the one time so we could go through some of the important things (like alcohol restrictions, and toilet ‘issues’). Some images below from the day: This morning we received out neoprene seat covers and our mud grabber

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