We Made It!

Yes, we made it to the tip.  What a great journey and one that everyone should take.  You don’t need a hardcode 4WD, nor do you even need a tent, you just need some time to plan, a sense of adventure and a fondness for corrugations would help.  Yes, corrugations are the norm up this way and we’ve driven over our fair share of them.  

I’m writing this while sitting only meters from the beach at Punsand Bay, right at the very tip of Australia.  Punsand Bay has an amazingly long sandy beach with camping right on the beach, which is becoming hard to find these days.

The only sad thing about getting to Cape York is the fact that our journey can extend no further to the north.  We are bounded by the physical barrier of the ocean and our only option is to enjoy it while we can before turning south and making our way home.

Some images below of our journey so far.

Cheers, Kent.

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