Author name: Kent Muller

Simpson Desert – Big Sky Country

Image source: One of the experiences I’m most looking forward to during our trip to the Queensland Outback and Simpson Desert, is the concept of Big Sky Country. Where the land rolls on endlessly to the point where it crashes into the horizon exploding in a vertical wall of blue that towers overhead. The pleasure

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Great Simpson Desert Blog

Image from: I came across this great blog series on crossing the Simpson Desert from Snowy’s. There are 3 articles, which cover preparation, challenges and a retrospective review of their trip. Check out the links below for some really great info. One interesting point in the last article is the actual

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The drive to Matera was largely uneventful apart from me having an argument with the petrol vending machine. We arrived in Matera pretty much on schedule and found our way to the accommodation which is at one end of the Sassi. The Sassi, Italian for stones or rocks, is an area of Matera where people

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