Simpson Desert – Toilets


Not exactly the most desirable topic however a very important one none the less, especially considering we will have a few night without facilities on our trip.

As previously mentioned, we would normally make use of a chemical toilet when camping, however as these use a lot of water, they become impractical in the desert. This is unless of course you have the luxury of a lot of water storage.

Well our ‘water free’ solution arrived this week which is called the Pop Up Pooper. This handy little unit is (apparently) rated for 150kg’s and comes with biodegradable bags that you do your business into. The bags come with a sachet of powder that can (apparently) absorb up to 2 litres of liquid waste.


On first inspection they appear to be fairly well made and relatively easy to operate. They come in a handy travel bag, pack down quite flat and the almost set themselves up. They come with 12 biodegradable bags that can be a little tricky to get on, but the bag covers the whole top, seat and all (see middle image on the picture above). There is a lid that you can put in place between uses, which appears to seal vey well. I can see this being used even when we are in a location with facilities to save the midnight walk to the toilet block.

The only possible downside would be the very low height, however we will put ours on a folding step which should bring it up to an agreeable height.

Hopefully we’ll get a chance to test it out before the desert as I suspect it may require a few chances to get the hang of. We bought an extra pack of 12 bags just to be on the safe side.



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      1. No worries mate. I got the Eco toilt and it was a very good option. My wife is now comfortable to go on trips with me. Looking forward to another Simpson desert trip next year

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