Gallipoli Cruise 2015


We departed Polignano at around 10 and headed to Bari airport. We topped up with fuel along the way which was much less painful than the first fueling attempt thankfully. We arrived just in time to drop the car off at Avis and walked into the airport.   There was a massive line up for […]

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The drive to Matera was largely uneventful apart from me having an argument with the petrol vending machine. We arrived in Matera pretty much on schedule and found our way to the accommodation which is at one end of the Sassi. The Sassi, Italian for stones or rocks, is an area of Matera where people

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Heading into Colombo I started to get a bit of a sore throat, even though I was steering clear of the Coughing Garden Theatre. All good though as we are well equipped with a wide array of strepsils, butter menthols, cold & flu tablets as well as antibiotics. We arrived in Colombo early in the

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