Albany to Cocos & Keeling Islands – Part 1

For the next few days we will see no land whatsoever, and in actual fact we saw nothing at all. No birds, whales, dolphins, other ships, nothing at all, not even flotsum or jetsum (whoever they are).
Sunday night was the Captains Gala Cocktail, where the drinks were included and we had the chance to meet captain Francesco Veniero and have a photo taken with him.
Again we were dressed up in our suits and evening gowns.  We took this opportunity to have some ‘professional’ photographs taken which turned out pretty good so we’ve purchase some.
These are just some of ours from the night.

From when we rounded the bottom of WA the ship was on a direct path to the HMAS Sydney, nicknamed the ‘Stormy Petrel’, of which the wreck was recently discovered. Monday morning at 6:15 a service was held to honor the soldiers who lost their lives when battling the German raider that was plaguing the Indian Ocean at the time.
Everyone was up on deck as the service was delivered by one of the onboard official historians.  3 wreaths were deployed into the ocean as the ship passed directly the the port side of where the Sydney came to rest.

The Greman ship was also sunk as even though it had completely disable the Sydney capacity to manoeuvre, the Sydney was able to inflict some key strikes and they eventually sank.  There were no Australian survivors however there were many German survivors with some that made it to the mainland and were promptly imprisioned.
Tonight we had the privilege of being able to see Daryl Braithwaite in concert at the Covent Garden Theatre.  A top performance and one that occurred exactly 1 yrpear to the day from when we saw Daryl at a Day on the Green at Sirromet last year.
The band was again awesome, with Daryl and Ross sharing a band on this trip.

The weather and sailing conditions at the moment are nothing short of spectacular, barely a cloud in the sky, smoothest seas you could hope for, and a lovely temperature.
To be continued…

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