Got to Naxos on the fast ferry and had a look at the information place to see if we could get some accommodation.   Again, we had a few in mind, but they did not have availability so we went with one that was recommended in the Lonely Planet and was also owned by the

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We arrived on Mykonos and made our way to the Accommodation info place at the port. There is a bunch of places to stay on the island either in the town or on the outskirts. Kath had researched a few and knowing our price range we asked for what was available. Hotel Tagoo, 700 metres

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We arrived on Tinos from Rafina and grabbed a taxi to our accommodation, The Porto Raphael hotel in the area of Porto just outside of the main town. There was two types of rooms available, so we chose the better one as it had two levels and two bathrooms. The owner told us that there

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Delphi and Olympia

After Meteroa we travelled to Delphi to see the Santury of Apollo which included the temple of Apollo, the amphitheatre and the stadium, the gymnasium and the temple of Athina. This was all pretty much rubble, but the stadium was pretty amazing. We then drove to Olympia which took us across to the Pelopenese (spelling??).

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Woke up reasonably early today and had breakfast at 8. Left shortly after to go to Meteora, where the monks hang out. Lovely to photograph as the buildings are sitting on the tops of these huge rocky outcrops. Drive was pretty quick and we got to the first one. There was about 10 buses parked

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Leaving Paxos

Left Paxos this morning. We had a Taxi pick us up at 6:30am and took us to the port to get on the hydrofoil. Got to Corfu at about 8:15 and then walked down to the port where the ferries to Igoumenitsa leave from. There was one leaving at 9:30 so we got 4 tickets

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We’ve had the most amazing 6 nights on Paxos. Of all the places we’ve been too this is one that is simply a must for a return visit. The village of Loggos is quite and simple, with boats and scooters to hire. Just to list a few of the things we did: – Day trip

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The Rubble

Today we had a full day of ancient sites to visit so we headed out early and much to our surprise on sunday, access to all the sites is FREE! We had a bit of a plan to see the more well know sites, so started on our way. We had originally planned to see

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Well, we’ve arrived in Greece and we’re no longer ‘on tour’ so to speak. No transfers, no director, no timeframes. We got through customs and found our luggage, got some euro, and headed to the train station. This was all remarkably easy. We got our tickets, got on the train and we we’re away. We

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