Leaving Santorini

Well, it's goodbye Santorini and goodbye Santorini Princess.
We've had a pretty fantastic time here and it has been the perfect end to what has been a very exciting holiday.
It's a little hard to remember the start of our holiday as it was so long ago, but when we reflect on what we've done and see, it is quite special.
We're just waiting for our transfer to arrive before we fly back to Athens.  Then off to Dubai, again, with an 8 hour stop over, and then a 14 hour flight back to Melbourne.  We get in early on Sunday morning, to a 7° minimum.
The thing we are looking forward to most, except a reunion with the Jeep ;), is some steamed vegetables and possibly a lamb roast for dinner.
There will be one more update which will list the highs/lows/favourites etc.
Love to all our Family and Friends…
See you all soon.
Kent and Kath.

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