We arrived on Mykonos and made our way to the Accommodation info place at the port.

There is a bunch of places to stay on the island either in the town or on the outskirts.

Kath had researched a few and knowing our price range we asked for what was available.

Hotel Tagoo, 700 metres from town was brought out and as this was the topic of some research we asked if there was availability for one, maybe two nights.

By pure luck there had been a cancellation, slightly tragic circumstances, but a cancellation none the less.

The owner, Yannis, came to pick us up and we went to the hotel. 700 metres seems like a long way on a flat road, but Tagoo was at the top of a big hill. So it was good to get a lift.

This hotel really made Mykonos for us as it was run by a family and the service was simply amazing! The pool area was spectacular and the rooms were fantastic.

We loved it so much we asked Anna, or Mama Anna rather, if we could stay for 3 nights but it may not have been an option at that early stage.

Anna weaved her magic and managed to squeeze out another night for us and we will be forever grateful as this has been the highlight for me so far.

Kicking back at the pool/bar chatting to Jimmy the barman/lifeguard (Annas Brother), and Christof (spelling??) who has been a regular at Tagoo twice a year for the past 20 years.

We had Gyros and Italian delivered to the pool while sipping on cold cold Mythos.

Side Bar: Gyros Rock!

We did venture into the town a couple of times and bought some souvenirs etc. But most of the time was spent at the hotel.

From Mykonos we travel to Naxos so we’ll be back in touch soon.

Love, K & K.

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