Got to Naxos on the fast ferry and had a look at the information place to see if we could get some accommodation.
Again, we had a few in mind, but they did not have availability so we went with one that was recommended in the Lonely Planet and was also owned by the guy running the accom information place.  It was called Pension Irene II and was only a couple of years old.
Only EUR$40 per night per room and it had a pool so it was ok.  A far cry from Hotel Tagoo though with one of those little showers and a pretty ordinary view.
We managed to visit a little village during our 2 night stay which had a little distillery and some hand made arts and crafts that we had a peak at and did some purchasing.  We got their on the local bus which was an interesting experience.
On our return we were waiting for he bus and this Taxi driver pulled up and started coercing Leo into the cab and kept saying, no money, tickets, no money.  He was quite horrified that we didn't want to get in and at one stage had two of his door open trying to get us in.
From what we can understand he was wanting us to give us the un-used tickets and he would then re-sell them onto someone else, thus paying for the fare.  We got a nice air-conditioned bus back to the main town and had a dip in the pool.
Both nights there we had Mexican for dinner at Picaso's.  Nice food, cheap, and fast, a good change from the standard Greek fare of past weeks.
We're off to Santorini next for the last part of our journey.  We're staying at the lovely Santorini Princess and we are very much looking forward to it.
Love to All. Cheers, Kent and Kath.

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