Woke up reasonably early today and had breakfast at 8. Left shortly after to go to Meteora, where the monks hang out.

Lovely to photograph as the buildings are sitting on the tops of these huge rocky outcrops.

Drive was pretty quick and we got to the first one. There was about 10 buses parked out the front so we didn’t go inside.

Went up to another that was closed today and tok some more pics. Better without hords of people.

We went up another road towards one of the Nunneries and this was relatively quiet.  We went inside and the girls had to put on these lovely little dresses as ladies must wear skirts.

It was lovely inside with a couple of chapels and some nice gardens.

As the buses started to arrive it was our queue to make a move. We went back to the hotel and checked out then started to 4 hour drive to Delphi.

The drive was really nice, beautiful scenery and nice roads. We had one stop in Lamia for a pastry from a local bakery, and then continued on our way.

It was very hilly, but the corners were long and fast which made for fun driving.

We got to Delphi in good time and checked into the Hermes Hotel. Fantastic view over the valley and right in town near a bunch of tavernas and shops.

Off to see the ruble tomorrow and to head doen to Olympia.

Cheers, K & K

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