Nafplion or rather, Tolo

After getting to Nafplion we drove around a bit and parked near the harbour. We got out and discovered that the Hyundai had a flat tyre on the rear right. There was a big nail sticking out and you could hear the air escaping.

It looked at bit stormy so the girls set off for a look around and Gaz and I changed the tyre. We got it done just in time as there was lightening and rain coming our way.

We went to look at some accommodation and it was a bot crappy so we asked if there was more beach front type accommodation around and the guy from the Information/Accommodation place said to try heading along the coast a bit.

We headed for Tolo and went for a cruise along the ‘nard’. We pulled up opposite this little bar and Gaz and I both said, yep, this is the place for us.

We went upstairs to the Santa Maria hotel. It had only been open 10 days and had just been through a major refurbish. Clean, nice rooms with balconies and nice bathrooms. Being so new there was a couple of teathing problems, but nothing to really compain about it.

We were right on the back and had air con and a little restaurant and bar down stairs, what more could you want.

We stayed in Tolo for 3 nights all up and visited the most famous ancient amphitheatre that is still in use today at Ephidavros, just outside of Nafplion. There were other ruins there but nothing that excited us enough to walk through them.

We headed back and spent a bit more time at the bar and having a swim. Tolo was a great little place, quite with plenty of taverns and cafe’s. The Santa Maria Hotel and Restaurant were brilliant. Nice staff, excellent service, I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting a ‘holiday’ as it is just so relaxing.

From Tolo we headed back to Athens on the Toll way, spent about an hour lost looking for the Europcar office near the airport to drop the car off, only to find out that we could have just gone straight to the airport. Oh well, sh!t happens.

Dropped the car off and then got a cab to Rafina. This was an experience in itself. The sign at the airport listed prices to Rafina at EUR$20 so we thought that would be sweet.

We jumped in the cab and attempted to get the set price, but he said it was on the meter. We got going to the right place and as we were sitting in traffic the cabbie started saying that the sign at the airport was not including tolls and time sitting in traffic. He was getting quite angry about it and we tried to say that we understood what he was saying.

I get the prase book out and said to him in Greek ‘I Understand’ and he smiled, politely corrected me and everyone was happy.

We got to the port in time, got our tickets and sat down to have one of the most sensational Gyros you could imagine. It could have been because we were starving but it was simply awesome.

Got on the ferry and we headed off to Tinos in the Greek Islands.

Take care all.

Cheers, K & K.

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