Quotes From The Boat

Below are a few quotes that we’ve either heard or used over the past week that we thought were post worthy.  They need a little back story, but I’ll try to keep it brief.
“The fish has been frozen a very long time”
The story behind this one relates to one of our first restaurant lunches. Gary, Leanne and Kath all ordered the grilled salmon. Gary didn’t order an entree so his came out first and despite being over cooked, it was indeed as advertised.  Leanne and Kath’s came out and neither of them actually looked anything like Gary’s fish, and certainly nothing like salmon. I was a white fish and had a taste a bit like cod.
Out of interest we asked the waiter what sort of fish it was, and we received the expected response of ‘salmon’. We politely indicated that it want salmon, and would it be possible for someone to ask the chef what sort of fish it was, he kept saying it was salmon, but then said ‘The fish has been frozen a very long time‘. We were not surprised that it was frozen, but were very surprised that he said it like that!  We replied by saying that it wouldn’t matter how long it was frozen, it doesn’t make it salmon.
I must stress that we were not upset, or in any way disappointed with the meal, we were just curious to know what sort of fish it was.  The restaurant manager was called over and we asked him if he could find out from the chef.  He toddled off and came back saying that it was salmon but not the usual salmon as it was picked up in Singapore.  I’m not sure if this is the correct answer but at this point we were happy to go along with it 🙂

“It’s Muller Time!”

This one was started by our waiter Astu.  You may remember from an earlier post that we had settled on a white wine that suited the tastes for myself, Kath and Leanne. This wine is known as ‘Muller’.  I’m not sure if this is the varietal, the region, or a paticular company, but we’ve had a wine called Muller before so I’m thinking it’s one of the former.  When we ordered it the first time Kath pointed out that my surname was Muller, and ever since then when Astu comes to take our drinks order he points both index fingers in a pistol type configuration, and asks ‘It’s Muller Time?’.  This is of course a reference to the we’ll know ad for the popular American ‘Miller’ beer where they say ‘It’s Miller Time’.

Photo of Gary and I with Astu on Bali Night where he made us Balinese headwear out of napkins.

“What’s that? Where did you get that?”

This was asked by a number of guests to Gary, who we know loves talking to random people!  He was walking back from the buffet one day, with what admittedly was a tasty looking meal of a Malaysian style fish, and everyone kept asking what it was and where he got it from.  The buffet is really quite large and you could easily walk around it several times and not see something. The most amusing thing about the buffet is the ‘Ethnic Corner’. Who determines what is ‘ethnic’ food? It will be interesting if one day ‘Australian’ food shows up in ethnic corner.

“Meh, is old ship”
When we first got to our cabin we wanted to put some valuables etc into the safe. Unfortunalely the buttons on the safe didn’t all work and the previous guests must had had problems as well as the safe was open but in the locked state. We called housekeeping and they sent a guy up who overrode the code to unlock the safe, when he tried to use it he could see the buttons don’t all work.  He just looked at me and said, “Meh, is old ship” and then walked off.

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