Sand Flag Update

Peter, one of our fellow Simpson Desert travellers, sent me some info this week relating to his Sand/Safety Flag purchase.  Check out his comments below and some pictures of his flag.

Last Friday whilst out on Beaudesert Rd, Coopers Plains, I dropped into ARB
and then TJM to see how many more $’s I have to part with.

At TJM I spotted the Fibreglass Telescopic Flagpole and various optional
mounting brackets.

Yesterday, I had a look at the 4×4 Equip website (the original
manufacturers) and found that they now only manufacture a 3 mt pole which is
not telescopic.

Today, I went back to TJM and purchased the Safety Flag Pole and Mounting
option – F2. Cost $150.00 for cash. Weight of both items – about 2.5 kg.

TJM Coopers Plains have another 3 in stock, I did not ask what stock may
exist at other TJM stores.

Collapsed length – 1.5 mt

Maximum extended length – 3.5 mt

It can then be adjusted to any length in between.

The fibreglass is very stiff and will not whip around due to vehicle

I will need to drill a hole in the flat section of the front bull bar to fix
the Mounting Option F2 and then pole by using cable ties or some other
fixing device (which won’t shake loose) to attach the steel reinforcing tube
to the top horizontal bar of the bull bar.

Thanks Peter, I really appreciate the info and the collapsable pole looks like a great option.

And to everyone else, if you’re keen on a collapsable pole, maybe check out your local TJM store to see if they have any in stock.

Check out some of the images below that Peter sent through.

Mounting Kit

Collapsed Pole
Extended Pole

Labels & Prices
Peter also provided some info that he found in a 4WD Handbook that recommends having a flag that is 4m off the ground, which is half a meter longer than the regulations.  Check out the handy diagram below to get an idea of the benefits of a longer flag pole.

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