Pre Trip Inspection

We had the pre-trip inspection yesterday, this was also the 72,000k service for the TJ, which is now 7 years old.  As part of the inspection, the mechanic uncovered a few worrying issues.


  • Sway bar bushes faulty, replaced
  • Front left axle UNI joint faulty, replaced
  • Front right disc rotor faulty, replaced
  • Steering damper faulty, replaced
  • Rear diff pinion seal leaking, replaced
  • Transfer case breather hose  melted from exhaust, replaced
  • Bonnet rubbing on radiator, adjusted
  • Rocker cover seal leaking oil
  • Rear main engine seal leaking oil
  • Radiator cap needs replacing
  • Power steering pipe leaking

The remaining work will be performed next Thursday, so hopefully all will be well for departure date.

Along with the service, 4 new tyres went on, and the alloy rims were replaced with the steel rims that I recently had powder coated, new hoses, new belts with the old ones kept as spares.

All up an expensive exercise, but better to discover these issues while here rather than when up the cape!

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