Trial Pack – Roof Box

This weekend we spent a lot of time working through lists and  purchasing the final items for the trip.

With everything we need on hand, we attempted a trial pack of our roof box.  To our surprise we’ve been able to fit everything in as well as some additional items that will make life easier in other areas of the jigsaw puzzle that is our Jeep.

Here are some photos of the box fully packed and with some items removed.  Contents of the box are from right to left:

– 4Kg Gas Bottle
– Mesh Room (Kitchen/Dining)
– Chemical Toilet + Stand + Shower Floor Mats
– 2 x Spares/Parts Boxes
– Puncture Repair Kit
– 2 Burner Gas Stove
– Recover Gear/Jacking Base
– 12 volt shower
– 2.5 x 3m Annex Matting

Now we just need to sort out the clothes and food boxes and we’re all good to go!

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