7 Days To Go!!

12 people, 5 vehicles, 4 weeks.

After a year of planning and prep we are only 1 week away from departing for Cape York.

Today we spent time making up the bed in the roof top tent, checking nuts & bolts on the Jeep, doing a final pack of the food & cooking boxes, testing the roof box mounting, testing the GoPro mounting options, testing that the clothes bags will fit with the other boxes, sorted out the rods & reels, and other general prep stuff.

Earlier this week we had new shocks fitted and the auto transmission serviced.

Important things to remember before you leave home:

– pack your spare car key
– check your tyre pressures before hitting the highway
– check your wheel nuts before hitting the road
– fill up your windscreen washer bottle

Can’t wait to catch up with everyone for State of Origin II at the Palmer River Roadhouse. Go Queensland!!

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