Preparing for Spain/Portugal 2018

You know it’s getting close when you start going through all your camera gear/toys.

A few last minute purchases being some new GoPro batteries for the ageing Hero 3 and a charging adapter for 3 batteries, and a couple of SanDisk Ultra UHS high-speed micro SD cards as backups for the GoPro and the DJI Mavic Air.

All paired nicely with a couple of Lacie Rugged Mini 1 TB Hard drives for offloading/duplication while one the journey using the MacBook.

Speaking of offloading, the MacBooks these days only come with those USB-C style ports, and no SD Card slot, so to work around this a Satechi twin USB-C multi-adapter has been added to the kit to allow both USB drives and the micro SD card to be connected to easy in offloading.

The DSLR is taking a back seat for this trip as we’re planning to travel “lite”. So the iPhone X will take care of primary camera duties as well as being used in the DJI Osmo II for steady-cam action.

Charging all the various bits and pieces will fall to two charging bricks.

The first being the charger that came with the DJI Mavic Air which will charge all the drone batteries but also includes 2 x USB ports.

The second being a product from a company called Anker and this is the Anker USB-C Charger which replaces the MacBook Pro charger.

It’s only slightly larger than the Apple one and incorporates a USB-C port for the laptop, however, it also offers 4 traditional USB ports!

This combination allows a simple twin travel power board, which also includes 2 USB ports, to charge all of our collective devices from one power socket.

So all up we have things covered in the photography and charging sector. Now we just need to put it to good use!

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