Simpson Desert – Maree to William Creek on the Oodnadatta Track

Today we start our trek west again onto the Oodnadatta track arriving at William Creek tonight for a two night stay where ,in the morning, we will take a flight over Lake Eyre.

The drive to William Creek is one of the better stretches of the overall track however aside from this there is actually quite a lot to see on the way to William Creek.

We spotted our biggest group of Emu’s just after leaving Marree and watched as they ran along side us for quite some time.

Plane henge and the hover bus are along the way and well worth a stop to check out.

There is also the opportunity to view South Lake Eyre, which, when we passed through was actually in flood, and while it was tough to see from the ground, the drone was able to capture some great shots. Footage can be found here

The Mound Springs are along this drive which are an amazing natural spring that ejects water from the underground basin.  Be sure to read the information boards when you pull up in the car park, they’re quite fascinating.  Be warned though, the drive into the springs is absolutely horrible!

After a big day on the road with a lot of stops and things to see, we arrived at William Creek and set about settling into our accommodation. We rented a cabin for 2 nights and our travelling companions camped in the ample camping area.


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