Spring Gully Stays

As part of the pre-trip planning we spent Saturday night out at Spring Gully Stays, which is just outside of Canungra in South East Queensland. We had a few of the Simpson Desert crew with us and all up we had a wonderful time.

The park is clean with lovely green grass that is nice and flat. We had to watch out for the cow patties, however this wasn’t too much of a hassle.

There are two types of camping one with access to the showers and toilet block, and another with just toilets, know as Bush Camping.  The only area available to us was was the Bush Camping are so we set up there.

It was nice and quiet, and at night you can hear the creek running. There are fire places and firewood available to purchase if you don’t have any of your own.  There is a daily rubbish collection and the toilets were cleaned twice a day.

I’d highly recommend this location, however I would imagine it could get quite busy on a long weekend or on school holidays.

Happy camping!

Cheers, Kent.

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