• Benagil – Part 1
    Our drive from Tavira to Benagil required an approach focussed around eating up some time as we had to check out by 12 pm and we can’t check in at our Benagil apartment until 4 pm. Given that the drive was only an hour or so, we decided to have lunch somewhere on the way.… Read more: Benagil – Part 1
  • Tavira – Portugal
    Our journey to Tavira started with our departing San Sebastian/Donostia. We’d arranged an airport transfer to pick us up from the hotel and drop us directly to Bilbao Airport. I’d arranged the transfer through an app called “BlackLane”. I’d never used them before but felt somewhat reassured when a driver was allocated to our trip… Read more: Tavira – Portugal
  • San Sebastian/Donostia – Part 2
    We kicked off our first full day in San Sebastian/Donostia with a walk along the beaches that stretch quite a long way from where we’re staying, to the old town. This walk, however, wasn’t one for exercise. This is the beginning of 2 solid days of Pintxo crawling. As mentioned previously, Pintxos is like a… Read more: San Sebastian/Donostia – Part 2
  • San Sebastian/Donostia – Part 1
    The drive from Lekeitio to San Sebastian/Donostia was along the northern coastline of Spain, looking out to the Bay of Biscay. This was a lovely drive along a winding road. It would have been the perfect ride on a motorbike but was also enjoyable in the Beemer. We avoided the highways on the way into… Read more: San Sebastian/Donostia – Part 1
  • Lekeitio
    Today we depart La Guardia for Lekeitio which is in the north of Spain on the coast, about 60k’s west of San Sebastian. Kath picked this little fishing village out of a number of possible places to stay up here due to the size of the town, then lack of traditional overseas tourists and the… Read more: Lekeitio
  • La Guardia – Rioja
    We pick things up as we drive into La Guardia. This little village on top of a hill is one of those quaint little places that is both forgotten in time and modern all at the same time. The walls of the buildings look like they were erected just last week however some of them… Read more: La Guardia – Rioja
  • Barcelona
    Our journey around Spain begins in Barcelona where we’ve booked into the Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel, which is in a perfect location for walking and seeing some of the main sights of Barcelona. For dinner tonight we managed to get a 20 minute slot at Bar Del Pla, which is highly recommended as having great local… Read more: Barcelona
  • The Journey Begins
    Our journey through Spain begins with our flights from Brisbane to Barcelona. In preparing for this trip we decided that we really wanted to fly on an Airbus A380, mostly because we hadn’t done this before. We were using our Qantas Frequent Flyer points for our flights and as we wanted to fly Business class,… Read more: The Journey Begins
  • Preparing for Spain/Portugal 2018
    You know it’s getting close when you start going through all your camera gear/toys. A few last minute purchases being some new GoPro batteries for the ageing Hero 3 and a charging adapter for 3 batteries, and a couple of SanDisk Ultra UHS high-speed micro SD cards as backups for the GoPro and the DJI… Read more: Preparing for Spain/Portugal 2018