Simpson Desert – Contingencies

With the sort of outback travel we’re embarking upon, one relatively major issue is road/track conditions. It has been known for significant rain to fall in the desert and surrounding regions in July, albeit not that common.

In any case we need to ensure we have some contingencies in place in the even of rain affected roads or road closures blocking our path.

If we get all the way out to Noccundra and rain prevents access to Innamincka due to cooper creek flooding and all the other tracks are also rained out, we can head north to Longreach and spend some time touring outback QLD including Carnarvon George, then head to the coast at Rocky and visit Byfield National Park.

If accessing Innamincka is the only issue we could head south, to Bourke, then west to Cameron Corner and continue our trip as planned.  If we get to Arkaroola we couldn’t be in a better position prior to heading onto the Oodnadatta track as there are many options in the case of a rain event.

While at Arkaroola we can keep on top of the weather situation and if the Oodnadatta track is blocked we could change plans and instead of heading west from Maree, we can head North along the Birdsville Track, jump onto the Warbuton Track and then the K1 line to Poeppel Corner and then onto Birdsville, or skip the K1 and go direct to Birdsville if weather prevents access to the desert and particularly Eyre Creek.

If both the Oodnadatta Track and the Birdsville Track are closed, then we could head down to Port Augusta. From there we could head along the Stuart Highway through Woomera, Coober Pedy, check out Uluru and then onto .Alice Springs. From here we could head home via the Plenty Highway and Boulia or up to Tennant Creek and back via Mt Isa.

Alternatively, from Port Augusta we could head towards Broken Hill and back home via outback NSW.

If we get to William Creek and rain prevents forward movement, we can double back, and head to the highway via Roxby Downs, which has a Woolworths and other major facilities.

In the worst case scenario and we’re stuck somewhere with no option but to wait it out, we have the comfort of knowing we can make a call on the satellite phone to call in the cavalry.

With this all being said, there is only a slight chance that rain will spoil our trip and while statistically August is the month of the lowest rainfall over the past 80 years, July comes in as a close second or third most years.

Any way you look at it, there is an adventure to be had and plenty of options should we need to take a different path.

Cheers, Kent.


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