Cairo Day 2

We had a leisurely breakfast and met in the lobby for our tour to kick off.

We headed off to the Cairo Museum which was a bit of a drive away.

No cameras allowed in the museum unfortunately, so no pictures.

Brief intro to things then went to see ‘the scribe dude’ who is famous as his statue has in-layed eyes that are amazing.

More info and then we got to King Tuts area, which fills a large part of the museum.

We saw the massive boxes that housed his coffin thing. 4 big boxes in total, with 5 sarcofa-thingys inside each other that had his body.

Went into see the famous gold mask that is so amazing to see for real. There was also many other pieces of gold jewelry as well as a couple of the sarcofa-thingys that jost blow your mind.

After leaving the museum we went back to the hotel and dropped off most of the people and we continued onto the ‘Bazaar’, or market.

This is aimed at tourists and is thick with hawkers.  We strolled arount for 10 minutes and the found Tommy, our tour guide, at a cafe smoking a Shesha pipe. We sat down and Tommy offered us a pipe on him. I couldn’t refuse as it looked pretty cool.

We had the apple flavoured tobacco and kicked back and puffed away.  The is nothing sus in the tobacco, just normal tobacco flavoured.  Kath was fine, I got a bit of a head spin, but it was pretty cool. We had a fanta and waited fot the others to get back from shopping.

Went back to the hotel and had a bite to eat. Had a swim, and watched a movie in our room, and had room service for dinner, pizza and pasta.

Tomorrow, early start, off to Aswan and Abu-Simble.

Love, k & k.  

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