Dubai Day 1 – Part 3

After getting back to the hotel we had a little lie down before we got picked up by Waris (Wireless he said to call him).

We were in a Land Cruiser GX-R Petrol with a 6 point roll cage installed. This was going to be FUN!!!!

We picked up two other couples and then headed out to the desert, via the ‘Horses Track’, which is the local name for the Race Course.

We sped along the highway at about 135km/h and were being over taken by a select few crazy drivers. The speed limit was 120km/h.

We eventually got to the Dubai Conservation Reserve. Don’t let the name fool you, there was noting to ‘Reserve’, this was just a big desert with the occasional shrub.

We met up with 36 other fourbys and headed off into the desert.

It was amazing how reckless and careless it appeared Wireless was driving, but at no stage did you feel like there was going to be a roll over.

The trip lead us through the desert, stopping about 3 times to change seats etc. We had a stop over at a camel ‘farm’ and then headed to a place to take a photo of the sunset, which was really just the sun disappearing behind a big dune, but it was the thought that counted.

After this we went to the Arabic Camp where there was all you can eat and drink arabian food and western wine and beer.

Kath got some henna done on her ankle and we sat and watched the belly dancer flail around on the stage area, dragging poor unsuspecting blokes onto the stage while I shat myself with fear. All went well though, and I remained un-assulted by the belly dancer.

Quick not on todays adventures, we went to the ‘Electroncis’ area of Dubai and had a look around for an N95 for Daniel at a good price. Best we could get was 2540 dhs, which equates to about AUD$800 and you can get them for that in AU, so sorry Dan, no luck. (I’ll check at the airport on the way out for you.)

After that we had a private car take us on a 3 hour drive all up and down the coast. Saw the Burj and a whole bunch of other manzing things.

Side Bar: The amount of construction going on in Dubai is incredible to say the least, it is 10 times more incredible than just plain old normal incredible. I don’t think we saw a bulding that wasn’t under construction. Not to mention roads, train lines and the tallest bulding in the world.

Better go, back soon, somewhere from Egypt next time.

Love, Kent and Kath.

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  1. That Toyota looks like it's standing still and doesn't look bogged – I don't understand. Got photos or video of the action? Did you ride and/or buys a camel at the camel farm? Do they stink? How much do they cost? I want one.

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