The Day Is Here…

Well, the day has finally come.

We are doing the last of our packing, trying to keep the weight down on our day packs, making sure we turned off all the things we can about the house, cleaned out the gutters, sorted out the BBQ, taking the Jeep to the secure car park and trying to get excite about the trip.

It’s a funny feeling as we don’t quite think it’s real yet, but I can guarantee we will know its real when we land in Dubai and it’s over 40 degrees!

David and Janelle are coming to pick us up to leave at 5:30pm and our flight leaves at 9:30pm. We get Dinner and Breakfast on the flight, but it will be dinner at probably 10:30pm and breakfast at 4:30am, which will be interesting.

Thats about it until we’re in Dubai.

Adios Amigos!!

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