The ship has arrived

The day has finally arrived and today we will board the MSC Orchestra for our journey onward.

Here is a picture of the ship entering the harbour this morning taken by a fellow passenger.

Last night we had dinner down by the water at Bathers Beach House.  We arrived early enough to catch the sun going down over the Indian Ocean, a scene that will be repeated more than a few times over the coming weeks whilst out on the open ocean.

Dinner was with Sheky and Veronica.  It was great to catch up with them again and thank them for the use of their car while we were in town.
The food was all around pretty good at Bathers. The waiter was a bit stinky (BO) but service was speedy and the location was tops!  I did see a rat run past from the dock area while we were eating, but that’s no fault of the restaurant.
We took and Uber home last night, thanks JiJi, the safest (most nervous) driver in the country!
This morning we’re sitting around wondering if this is all real and today is actually the last day we will be waiting instead of doing.  Kath said a few days ago that she didn’t think she was ready to go on the cruise, this morning she thinks she’s ready, however it wasn’t all that convincing.
I know the feeling though, I’ve been working up until yesterday and it really only hit home last night that this is all real and happening.

Gary’s cousin Kate is picking us up for the trip to the passenger terminal.  The check in process starts at around 12 and should be completed by 3.  With any luck our missing merchandise will be waiting in our cabin as we’ve been told it will be, if not, someone is going overboard!!

Next post from the ship! 

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