We departed the Old Cataract Hotel on route to the temple of Phelea, which was the second largest temple moved due to the creation of the Nile Dam.

This temple was on an island, about 15mins ride from Aswan.  On the boat  Tommy had arranged for one of the local vendors to sell necklaces made from a black stone, whos name escapes me.

After wandering around the temple for a while we headed back to the boat for the trip back to the bus.

We then went onto a perfume place. These guys dont actually sell perfume, they actually sell the essence from the flours that is madr to create perfumes.

This was demonstrated quite well and we had a chance to purchase if desired. We bought a small glass container that will look good on the mantle.

We the went and had a look at th unfinished oboleski, which was a big bit of rock still attached to the side of the hill.

Onto our boat now for the beginning of our Nile Cruise.

Love, K&K.

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