Aswan to Luxor

We cruised on the Tower Prestige I towards Luxor.

This was a nice boat, ‘The Best On The Nile’ reportedly. It was pretty good, with an onboard gift shop and a jewelry shop.

There was a bar on the 2nd level and a disco on the 3rd level. We had a rooftop BBQ on the first night, which was basically a buffet on the roof.

The BBQ was held after visiting Comombo temple.

Next day was cruising all day to Luxor. We had to go through a ‘lock’ at one stage which was the only highlight apart from the amazing scenery.

We stopped early in the morning to visit Edfu temple, which is the most complete temple existing temple in Egypt.  It had some amazing carvings and stories to be told.

We arrived at Luxor at abot 7pm that night, and had a dinner and party all dressed up in traditional egyptian attire.  Party games and much laughter was had. How very embarrassing.

More to come soon. This is hard to keep up with, but I’ll do my best.

Love, K&K. 

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