Back to Cairo

We arrived back in Cairo to the magnificent Conrad Hotel.

We have 3 nights here so we can relax, unpack a bit, and get some washing done.

That night we went to the Giza Sound  & Light Show. This was a bit corny, but worth seeing. We ‘d opted not to do the show at Karnak so we had to do this one.

The next day we were off to the Pyramids. Wow, I said I wouldn’t believe them until I saw them and now that I have, I still dont 🙂

We initially went to the step Pyramid, one of the earliest pyramids, and had a look inside the tombs of the kings helpers. These had amazing ‘stories’ on the walls.

Sue and I went inside the tomb of the king. It was very small, and I had to crouch down quite a bit. Kath didn’t go in but there wasn’t much to see so no biggy. At least I can say I went in one!!

Next we went to Giza and first we saw the big sucker (and had a bit of a climb on it), then went to a point where you could take panoramic shots of the main 3, the we went to the second largest.

I wont dwell here as I’m obviously way behind (considering I’m writing this from Paxos, Greece).

After this we went to a clothing store where Tommy, tour director, gets all his cloths from. Got a few shirts and then headed back to the hotel.

Spent some time with Susan and Gail over the next couple of days before their departure and our departure to Greece.

Saying goodbye was hard as Sue and Gail had made our trip so much more enjoyable. Thanks guys and see you soon xoxo

Now off to sunny, and soon to find out, not so sunny, Greece.

Love, K&K.

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